My Story

I am a working mom of three wonderful children.This is the first time i have decided to sell anything to friends and family because i LOVE this product!!I first discovered scentsy  on facebook and was soo interested!However almost all the ladies who sold it were from the states -the local few that were listed online didn;t contact me back ,so i ordered off facebook -took forever due to her ordering shipped  to her re packaging and THEN mailing to me-so i went searching again till i found D.P (my now sponser :) by the time my order arrived i was positive ~i was hooked and wanted to sign up !!!Now i want to spread this GREAT product with others in my area who also may not know how to get their own products .Hosting a party is EASY EASY you can even do it all online and still earn ALL the same hostess rewards as a home party-with as little as 200. is sales you will recieve 10% in free product plus one or more half priced item!I have all of the scents currently in the catalog to smell so you have the opportunity to sniff before you buy if your new to scentsy!!Contact me for ANY questions..<!--endbody-->